Code Noir

from by Herfst



In the name of Bon Dieu I recall
a tale that shattered the dreams of us all,
we, disciples of the elder faith
with the Loa, keepers of our spirit gate

Bugid Y Aiba, herald of war
Avenge the evil they're liable for
Self-proclaimed erudites
Pompous, insolent parasites

In the name of science they would oppress
Their baleful trail drenched in blood and heinousness

As our village was plundered and torched
Our spirit, flesh and cult was scorched
Debased and violated
A stigma branded on our head!

Baron Kriminel, judgement betide
those who ravaged our land and our pride
Strike fear into their hearts
Ere head from body departs

In the name of science they would oppress
Their baleful trail drenched in blood and heinousness

I stood behind the trees and witnessed
a display of atrocity and vice
The tortured cries of my beloved
still echoed through my mind
…through my mind

I dragged myself onto their ship
surrounded for weeks by rats and the stench of disease
to finally stray into Parisian alleyways

"A race so trivial… Barbarians, mere animals
unworthies, impure and devolved...

Let's exploit these peasants and have beens,
they're lecherous, disgusting, repulsive, obscene and unclean

Abolish their habits, rituals and families,
burn their houses, they're cursed
Deny their presence, convictions and heritage
unburied they will be, food for vultures"

So say your blessings, dear mad men
In this world, belong no more
A sacrifice in blood you will be
to feed the Iwa

Say your blessings, dear mad men
For this world is no longer yours
Kneel down and bid adieu to the ground
As the barons escort you underground

La Croix!

I thank you for your future contribution
to the spirit world in which you will reside
This ritual, materialized, will put an end to
the suffering of those sacrificed

So quiet now, for soon you'll be dead
Fear not
as I
Fear not
as I claim your head


from Towards Haunted Shores, released June 5, 2017



all rights reserved


Herfst Belgium

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