She Dwells the Moors

from by Herfst



She Dwells The Moors schreef:A noxious fume cloaks the Russian meadows in death.
- She dwells the moors
A frail pale figure ascends the cobbled pathway to Hell.
- A haunting guest
Cloaked and stumbling, she's a skeletal nymph struggling to reach the gates
Towards a dim lit portal to ultimately seal her fate.

'Come forth, my child. Now speak... What burdens thee?
Which suffering led you into submission?
Thy eyes, once bright, in arcane possession...'

'Father, Saviour... Forgive me,
for I have sinned.
Repentance, my hope, now gone...
Where do I even begin?'

She dwells the Moors
Maimed and gored
She dwells the moors
That Impious whore.

Hunted, endless cold nights of hiding
Banished, degraded, left to die
Alone, befouled, condemned
Countless prayers under nightly skies.

Have the gods left me to die?
My piousness, worthless...
Where is my Divine Guide?'

'Fear not, My Child... But why have you fallen into abandon?
Thy loins are pure and your heart is strong...
Always submissive to the will of Our Lord...
Why has your stature fallen?'

'There is a seed in me, father.
Incessantly growing... I can sense it's grotesque form.
Merciless, it's gnawing. With forked tongue.
Leeching on my insides.
I don't recollect the inception... Just a terrible slumber.
Opiates? A ritual inception? Sacrilege.
How could they, Father? I have been befouled.
Villagers, I reckon.

'In the name of the father and the Holy Spirit.
I know this possession you speak of.
I was there. I must confess to the Divine.
It's true... My dearest.
You carry it... The monstrosity...
Our child.'

This cannot be, have You delivered this ordeal?
- She dwells the moors
This endless nightmare, this chasm filled by grief.
- A haunting guest
You have betrayed me father... Sacriligious worm.
Under the prentense of empathy... Your fate now lies conceiled.

She dwells the Moors
Maimed and gored
She dwells the moors
That Impious whore.

Henceforth she dwelleth onwards to her grave
A full moon burial and not at the stake.
She kneels down at the foot of the lake
Accepts the cold embrace by the arms of the seas.

Veiled in moss and sludge, she roams the lake
Instilling fear in their hearts
In the claws of trepidation
Perpetual darkness fell on the town by the water
She died to be born again
Blessed be, father


from Towards Haunted Shores, released June 5, 2017
Music & lyrics: Bram Van Cauter



all rights reserved


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